How Exciting!

On Sunday afternoon there are going to be 100 Million people watching the Big Game. Many of them gathered together with family and friends and enjoying food and drink.

As the clock begins to wind down to 00:00 in the first half many of them will be getting restless and not just because of all the excitement and suspense as the game progresses. The end of the half is the Moment when 100 Million people are all going to realize. . .You guessed it!. . .They need to use the Potty!

What’s the Problem?

Sunday afternoons while everyone is gathered around the game is not usually the time to bring up exercise, but that is where PottyPT.com can be a game changer! Not only do we realize that our bladders are full, but also that our backs are a little stiff from sitting for so long. And maybe our neck, or our shoulders are sore from the Saturday cleaning before everyone came over. Or maybe it was the week of work we will be starting again on Monday!

What’s the Solution?

In this Moment, PottyPT can make a difference and change the trajectory of your fitness level for the rest of your life. Just a couple of minutes while you are standing in line waiting, or even while sitting in the “John,” you can stretch and strengthen your body to reduce your pain and improve your mobility!

The exercises are simple, but they are effective. The illustrations are clear. The terminology is easy to read and remember. The effects are fast and powerful. The solution for those aches and pains that keep you from doing so much is PottyPT!

With just a couple of Moments a day you can redefine the “John” as the “Jim”! And the next time you have to go, remember, you’re not just “using the facilities!”

You’re “Headed to the Jim!”

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