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Million huMan Moment (MMM Event)

“I really need to start exercising!” Many of us find ourselves in the same situation. There are millions of Americans who are aware they need to exercise, but for one reason or another, have not started. And this is not the first time we have thought it! Many of us have been saying this for years!

Why don’t we do it?

Time is a factor.

We are all very busy with work, family, friends, other hobbies. Add the need for rest, both mental and physical, from our hectic world and we quickly run out of hours in the day.

Money is a factor.

Many of us have envisioned ourselves working out at the gym on a regular basis and shedding those extra pounds. Wouldn’t it be great to love the way we feel and look just like the success stories we read about in the news? Yet gym memberships cost money. So do workout clothes. So does gas and babysitting.

Pain is a factor.

Many of us have jobs that contribute back pain and muscle and joint soreness to our lives. The idea of going to the gym, or even working out at home, or jogging around the block seems like a lot to ask! Especially, when getting out of the car and into the house at the end of the day feels like a workout!

Socializing is a factor.

And who wants to do all that alone? It would be great to do it with a friend, but then we have to coordinate a schedule with a friend or coworker, and while it can be done, it adds another layer of complication to something that maybe we are thinking doesn’t sound like such a great idea after all.

The Solution.

Join me in a Million huMan Moment Event during the Big Game on Sunday, February 13th. We are inviting you, and all your friends, to join us in being a part of the halftime show! As the clock hits 00:00 at the end of the first half of the Big Game this weekend, post a picture of yourself doing any one of the exercises listed in my book, Potty PT. Look for several of the exercises are listed below. You can see that none of them are difficult, and yet doing them even just periodically throughout your week will have a profound effect on how you feel.

I have collected 17 different exercises that can be done while seated (except the Last Bug Standing (Anatomic Position)) and published them as Potty PT. The exercises are designed to improve your mobility and reduce your pain regardless of your current fitness level. They can be done in a recliner, or on a couch, in an office chair, or even on the commode!

Please look over the exercises! Pick the one that helps the most and try it. You will find that just 1 minute a day for three will make a difference in how your body feels! Then, as soon as the first half ends, snap a selfie in your favorite pose and post it to our Facebook or Twitter! Join a million of your newest friends taking control of their bodies and lives this year!

Last Bug Standing (Anatomic Position)

Stand with your feet nearly together
Pull your shoulders back so they are in line with your ears and hips
Turn your palms forward
Tighten your stomach muscles
Keeping your knee straight, lift your right leg just a couple inches off the floor
Hold for 30 seconds
Switch legs
Hold for another 30 seconds

Sideways Lean

Sit up straight with shoulders back and palms facing forward
Raise right arm
Lean toward the left and find the stretch
Hold for 30 seconds
Sit up straight and relax
Raise left arm
Lean toward the right and find the stretch
Sit up straight and relax
Repeat 2 more times on each side

Hand Extensions

Hold your hands in front of you with your palms facing down
Spread your thumb and fingers as far apart as you can for 3 seconds
Relax for 3 seconds
Do it again, only farther
3 more times

Be well!


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