It is the most watched event in the history of ever. . .The Halftime show!

It has been played by the biggest names in all of entertainment! What a thrill it must be to be a part of such a history making performance!

Well, now you are invited to contribute to the show!

(Read aloud, but to yourself, in a serious, lawyer / announcer voice for full effect)
This post is not authorized by, or in any way associated with, the NFL, The S**** B***, NBC, Peacock (whatever that is), Jesse Collins, Jay-Z, Roc Nation, neither the Rams nor the Bengals. We make no guarantees of publicity, endorsements, contracts or any other monetary benefits from your participation. It’s just a Facebook event after all! If there are any other necessary disclaimers that should be listed here but are not, we will assign them a code word: hippopotamus. Hippopotamus. There, I said it, so we should be covered. Now that we have all that behind us. . .

Your Invited! is hosting an event at the end of the first half of the game we can’t mention, but you all know what I’m talking about. We posted to our blog and Facebook page all the information you need, and you and all your friends and family are invited to join us!

No time to waste!
All the big stars have to prepare for their big day on stage, so we have to get started now!

Learn the moves!
First, go to or Facebook/PottyPTBook/ and scroll down through the simple, stick figure illustrations and try them all. Then pick your favorite. Now, on to the. . .

You can do this anytime between now and your worldwide debut on Sunday evening. Practice, practice, practice. Check your outfit for malfunctions (this is a family show)! Make sure the lighting is right (on is preferred)! Snap! You did it! Last but not least. . .

Prepare your Press Release!
Think of something engaging or funny or endearing or encouraging to say. . .and SAY IT! Share it with your friends and family as a special trailer. . .like the big stars hitting all the talk shows just before their film is released! When all the work is done. . .

Sit back and enjoy the game, and the countdown to your big moment! When the clock hits 00:00. . .ACTION! Post your pic and join up to a million (or more) of your newest friends on the biggest stage!

NOTE: While the disclaimer is accurate in the fact that we will not technically be part of the show, I am willing to bet that if a million of us show up, we will at least make the news! Spread the word!

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