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Potty P.T.

Simple seated exercises to reduce pain and improve mobility

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Get Fit While You Sit

A Coffee Table Book…Kinda

“Potty PT” is a collection of simple exercises that can be done while seated. As a former registered nurse, author Jesse Barry has drawn together some of the most important, basic information necessary to start making positive changes in your health, regardless of your current health status or exercise routine, or lack thereof, and packaged it in an easy to understand and entertaining format. No scientific muscle names or complicated routines and only one surprise math quiz!

The book has been called (by other people, even!) fun, informative, easy to incorporate, and very helpful and it provides a way to start the journey toward less pain and more mobility while still sitting down! And yes, even on the toilet!

Meet The Author

Jesse Barry

Jesse Barry is a retired nurse, business owner, ISA Certified Climbing Arborist, inventor (Hopidu foot ascender), Recreational Tree Climbing Instructor, mediocre husband to a fantastic wife, father of four, grandpa of three, and now, apparently, an author.

How Potty P.T. Came To Be

A Note From The Author

The first time I thought about the need for this book was a couple years after my son married his lovely bride.

He was having back pain that was limiting him at his work. He had worked with me in the tree business for years and my wife and I were worried he had hurt his back during that time. I felt horribly guilty thinking I had contributed to his pain and prayed it would not disable him from his dream of being a commercial pilot.

He got an MRI and saw a PT who identified his disc problem. As she questioned him about his history, with the scan in hand, she deduced that he almost certainly injured it while he was playing a game of volleyball with his bride-to-be’s older brothers. He was courting her at the time and while trying to secure the victory, and the girl, he reached for a ball and extended himself in a manner that was consistent with the injury. He got the girl, and it wasn’t the tree work’s fault! Double blessing! He still had to work PT into his insanely busy life but we knew where the injury came from. Now he could work on it knowing that he was doing good for himself and his future. But when would he fit it in?

I would ask him periodically if he was doing his exercises. “I don’t have time” would be the reply. I tried to encourage him with the long view perspective dad’s can offer of reducing the likelihood of long term pain / arthritis / disability / paralysis / death / doom / despair (you know how dad’s can get), but to no avail. One day during a phone call I asked him what exercise helped him the most when he was able to do it. He said “Sitting in a chair with one leg out and leaning forward.” We hung up and I began to think about how he could work that exercise into his life. Then I went potty. (Another dad thing to do.) I had a revelation! He could do that very exercise while he was going to the bathroom! There it was! A guaranteed block of five, or maybe ten (or more) minutes sitting on a chair, with nothing else to do but stretch!

I shared my idea with him. I honestly cannot tell you how much time he spent doing his PT on the potty, but an idea was born. His back is doing much better these days and he continues to progress toward the goal of flying. Thanks for asking.

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